Saturday, February 28, 2009

New evidence reportedly recovered by “Concerned Americans” regarding the 2003 death of Ray Lemme

New evidence reportedly recovered by “Concerned Americans” regarding the 2003 death... of Ray Lemme

Submitted by "Concerned Americans" about the White House Murder INC,

“A group of investigators, attorneys and concerned citizens from across the country have come together, calling themselves “Concerned Americans.” They are requesting that anyone with information of any criminal misconduct regarding; former President George Bush, former FloridaGovernor Jeb Bush, former VP Dick Cheney, former White House adviser Karl Rove, former US Congressman Tom Feeney, former US Attorney Greg Miller, Assistant US Attorney Len Register, former Florida Attorney General and current Governor Charlie Crist, FBI Supervisor Matt Pellegrino, and any Valdosta Police official relating to the death of Raymond C. Lemme in Valdosta, Georgia back in 2003, is encouraged to make immediate contact with them.

Information can be sent to: P.O. Box 15701, Clearwater, Florida 33766. You may send anonymous information based on verifiable facts. Please – no opinions or assumptions.

You’ll recall that Ray Lemme had reportedly met with Clint Curtis, a Yang Industries programmer at the time who was asked by Tom Feeney to develop a program that would enable him to covertly change electronic election results. Once Curtis discovered what was going on, he reported it to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, who answers direct to FL Gov. Jeb Bush, who did nothing about it. Curtis passed a polygraph test given by a retired Florida Department of Law Enofrcement examiner – and Feeney refused to take one. Further, in addition to massive over billing to the FL Department of Transportation by Yang Industries, reportedly approved by FL Gov. Jeb Bush, Lemme had discovered millions of dollars being illegally “laundered” through the FL Turnpike System from foreign countries, reportedly en route to the Republican National Committee. The FL Turnpike Commission’s director had been appointed by and answered to … Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

This group of “Concerned Americans” has reportedly located witnesses who have relevant information regarding the Lemme death case. New evidence has reportedly been given to trusted officials in Washington DC. In addition to working on the death/murder of FL DOT Inspector General Investigator Ray Lemme, they are reportedly working on all the corruption issues that Lemme had uncovered before FL Gov. Jeb Bush reportedly shut down Lemme9 9s investigation – with no explanation being given to the FL DOT officials. Lemme refused to stop investigating the public corruption he had told others that went all the way … “to the top,” and two weeks later, Lemme was found dead in Valdosta, Georgia under extremely suspicious circumstances.

The Valdosta Police deemed it to be a suicide and immediately cremated the body. No autopsy was conducted – even though there was evidence that Lemme had been strangled as can be seen in crime scene pictures the police said were never developed due to a camera malfunction. Crime scene pictures were reportedly obtained secretly from the Valdosta Police. The evidence that has been uncovered to date reportedly shows that Lemme’s death is very suspicious. The group of “Concerned Americans,” believes an autopsy should have been conducted and the body should have been saved for further forensic examination. The “Concerned Americans” have members who have worked death/murder crime scene investigations. They believe their evidence substantiates their position that Lemme was murdered. The cremation of Lemme’s body served only one purpose – and that was to cover up the crime by law enforcement officials.

The group of “Concerned Americans” is requesting the public’s help. If you have any evidence regarding the death of Ray Lemme, RNC money-laundering and/or any evidence showing corruption within the Valdosta Police Department, please contact the “Concerned Americans” immediately. Their stated mission is to expose public corruption and hold public officials accountable under law. They plan on briefing various officials in Washington DC soon where they hope to derail any immunity arrangements that may be requested by any of the aforementioned public officials now that evidence has been recovered reportedly linking President Bush to personally closing US Attormey Miller’s criminal investigation/grand jury regarding the corruption Lemme had uncovered, including his untimely death.”